Recent Projects

iPad UX/UI Hackathon Project 

user experience design of a hackathon made iPad app
I enjoy using different user experience design methodologies from ideating to shipping a product. This project was a UX/UI iPad design I did for an iOS hackathon.

Usability Testing Paper Prototype for a Client

A stack of prototype papers needed for the usability test.

I have experience in moderated and unmoderated user testing from inception to result reporting. This project demonstrates a low fidelity prototype that required a paper prototype for moderated user testing.

Rapid Prototyping and Qualitative Analysis 

Shopping cart for rapid prototyping

I enjoy creating physical and digital prototypes with rapid software prototyping tools like InVision and Axure. This project is a product concept I co-built to test a smart shopping cart.

Interaction Design of Augmented Reality and Field Study

Working with a class for interaction design
I am comfortable creating user flows and screen maps for all types of screens and interactive devices. This project represents a participatory design activity series I coordinated to create an augmented reality tour app.

Mobile Interaction Design and Development of Accessibility Solution

using braille keyboard for mobile development
I have used mobile software development to implement some user experience interactions I wanted to explore. This project is a capstone demonstrating a proof of concept blind typing and text editing device on Android.

Web Database UI Development 

database development screen
Database development takes proper planning to execute and scale for its users. This project was a FileMaker database for higher education departments.

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A little about me

My name is Randolph and I am a UX/UI designer and researcher.

I have over 3+ years of UX/UI experience and over 7+ years professional STEM career experience with companies of varied sizes. I have an MS in Human-Computer Interaction from Rochester Institute of Technology with a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

I am well versed in accessibility, responsive web design, mobile application design (iOS and Android), and hardware human factors.

I am available to discuss new projects or full-time opportunities beyond my contract commitment ending December 31, 2017.


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If you have any questions about any of my previous projects, or would like my insight on something new, please drop me a line. I welcome any and all feedback!

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