Writing Examples

Here are a few of samples of different types of projects/reporting I’ve done.

Task Scenario Presentation – Graduate Class Assignment

Graduate Class Assignment – RandolphDuke2nd

After interviewing and observing a person performing a task I created a solution for a presentation. Created with Keynote and Adobe Ideas (now Adobe Draw).

Blind Smartphone Typing – Research Paper


A research paper I presented at the 3rd Annual Effective Access Technology Conference at RIT.

User Feedback Results – Graduate Project

A La Cart Final Document – RandolphDuke2nd

A summary document of a project my team and I conceptualized and tested. I contributed content and layout for document created by my teammate.

App Question to LinkedIn – Hobby

Creatures of Habit: Why the LinkedIn Students App Baffles Me – RandolphDuke2nd

A short article I wrote to understand an interaction decision LinkedIn made with their app. It got the response of a few senior members of their team.