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Relational Database

I was tasked with searching for an inventory tracking system for several departments on campus with the Educational Technology team within Student Affairs.


In the process of obtaining, deploying, and training staff on a software solution, several staff assigned to the project left the organization. The original team of 3 (including myself) had created software requirements and conducted several interviews in considering our replacements. After working with several vendors and months of calls and emails, we had come to a conclusion to invest in with the FileMaker database program.

Once we had decided to implement a FileMaker database solution in a web portal, the original implementer of the team had left for another job opportunity. My secondary role of cataloging educational technology equipment had shifted to also include several other devices that the campus uses to track student attendance at events.

I was responsible for turning a template into a system for multiple teams. I used a lot of FileMaker developer tutorial videos, talked with supervisors and co-workers about their current habits, and made sure to share what I learned with my team.


As different people joined the project to influence the capabilities of the program, having those clearly defined goals helped the inevitable feature creep. Because they were agreed upon by staff that was no longer with the organization, I had conducted several observations of users who used the tool to provide important information to my newer supervisor.

I learned a lot about turning ideas into practice. Being involved in the decision making, budgeting, and scheduling made a real impact in my ease of creating training materials for future staff. Because I was a student employee, I made it a personal goal to document everything before I left to ensure others would be able to augment what I created.