User Evaluation

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I was a usability researcher on a team tasked with conducting a usability evaluation of an early stage iPad test taking and grading application for a startup. Our deliverables were a heuristic evaluation of their current app, a moderated user test, and a summary report.

To ensure we had a viable product to create testable user scenarios from, I had asked for the company to provide us with either a working developed prototype or full screenshots of their product to enter into a rapid prototyping tool like InVision or Marvel. Because they were only able to provide static screenshots covering only part of their feature rich application, I made the decision to conduct the moderated user tests using paper prototypes.

My team and I spent hours dissecting the scenarios and rehearsing the interactions we would moderate. We were able to capture user interactions over a document camera connected to the Morae Manager software suite. Our results were able shared with a very thankful client who had yet to see a full version of their app in action.